Reality TV shows are awash with bathroom makeovers, but is it as easy as it appears?

The simple answer is, it should be. Bathrooms are one of the most functional rooms in a home so getting them right is paramount. Fortunately the team at Character Living love making them as practical as possible while also ensuring they feel like your own little oasis.

When we are laying out a bathroom design, our biggest tip is to make sure the proportions of the shower, bath, vanity and toilet are in unison. For example if you have a small space, you don’t want a huge vanity or bath to dominate the room, instead there should be a balance between features.

Once your bathroom layout is perfected, it's time for the fun stuff - selecting your tiles and fixtures. Character Living have great relationships with all of our suppliers who offer our clients very competitive pricing. So when you are ready to select your bathroom fixtures, we recommend meeting up with our suppliers to get advice on the best options in your price range that suit your style.

It always helps to take in images of the look you want to achieve or elements you like. Pinterest and Houzz are full of great ideas and inspirational pictures, so go crazy. Our suppliers will almost always have a variety of products similar to what you show them, at different price points for you to choose from.

Remember to keep in mind there are a lot of behind the scenes works that go into a bathroom so it pays to budget accordingly. For example waterproofing behind showers is often overlooked to save money, but can cost you big time in the long run when the shower starts leaking through to other rooms. We always ensure our bathrooms are waterproofed to the highest standards to save you headaches in the future.

All up, the best advice we can offer is, if you love a particular tile or tap and it is within your budget - go for it! Then leave all the hard work and mess to the team at Character Living to make your personal sanctuary come to life.